How to Report Issues or Request New Features

Due to the fact that our software and hardware is under constant development, there is a good chance that you can catch a bug or just a software issues that can and should be fixed; If your issue report is effective, then its chances of getting fixed are significantly higher. So fixing a bug or issue depends upon how effectively it is reported.

We encourage all our users to provide as detailed info as possible about each and every issue they discovered and every feature they are requesting. Please file your reports, questions and request to

While we're always excited to hear your ideas and analyze your reports, we should notice that questions like below most likely won't be answered at all or will be put all the way down the priority line. Unfortunately following questions are quoted from the real life support requests we're receiving...

  • "I started something and nothing works now. Please help!"
  • "yo bro wen update?"
  • "it says error what am I doing wrong?"
  • "I get more stratum failed timeout but yesterday i shutdown CLI properly and closed terminal"

We're sorry, but we have failed to develop telepathy skills throughout the tech support evolution and don't know what you are doing or what is on your screen...

Infortmation Required to Get Help in a Timely Manner

We kindly ask you to answer following questions every time you file a bug report or requesting help or technical assistance:

  • Description - please describe the problem or issue;
  • Expected Result - what did you expect to happen?
  • Actual Result - detailed information of what happened and how it is a distortion of the expected result;
  • Rate of Reproduction - the number of times the issue has been reproduced;
  • Product - which product is associated with your report;
  • Product version(s) - if hardware product, AM01 for instance, is involved in this report, please include its serial number and BIOS version;
  • Environment - please describe the environment your issue is observed in. This info may include: - platform - if it is a laptop or a Raspberry Pi (please include RPI product version); - OS name and version; - kernel version, if applicable; - setting/configuration file used;
  • Software - software version used, including Git hash if applicable;
  • Steps to Reproduce a Bug - please number the steps clearly from first to last so that we can quickly and exactly follow them to reproduce the issue in question;
  • Relevant log output and/or visual proof - please include relevant screenshots and/or relevant software and kernel logs. Please trim your logs to only include records relevant to the issue. Screenshots showing the actual state of the problem are highly appreciated as well;
  • Additional Info - feel free to include any additional info and/or files that don't match any other category, but relevant to this case.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any suggestions or ideas that will helps us to make our products and service even better!