Bad USB Cables - How to Identify Them

Typical symptoms of having bad or damaged USB cables connected to your USB device(s) and ways if identifying them.

Maximum USB devices on Raspberry Pi 4 and Laptops with USB3.0

Some customers who have been using multiple AM01 have shared with us that they cannot add more than 26-27 AM01 to their Raspberry Pi4 or that they are running out of USB resources...

Unsafe and Dangerous USB Hubs

We have tested numerous USB hubs available on the market to discover that most of them are not only not suitable to be used with AtomMiner equipment, but fail to provide mandatory electrical safety to...

Raspberry Pi Power Limitations and Power Delivery

Raspberry Pi or similar is being unstable or keeps randomly disconnecting peripheral devices? Troubleshoot power supply and power delivery.

Risks of Using Y-Cables for Power Delivery

NEVER USE use a USB Y-Cable with any USB devices. You might face electrical problems or even destroy your equipment.

USB Autosuspend Feature Disconnects Active Devices

USB Power Management and USB Autosuspend can sometimes suspend AM01. Here we will discuss how to disable USB Power Management for AM01.

What are Multiple TT (MTT) USB Hubs?

Details on what are MTT Hubs, how they are different from Single TT (STT) Hubs and why it is crucial to use MTT with your AtomMiner equipment.